BSR-2 Gun Mount


Product Details

The original BSR Series models are ideal in low-level security situations. Easy and quick to install in any vehicle. Provides quick access to your firearms in an up and out of the way place.

  • Easy to Install–Up & Out of the Way
  • Non-locking
  • Quick Access
  • Overhead & Vertical Mounts
  • Steel Frame
  • Thick Padding – Protects Weapons
  • Heavy-duty nylon Hook & Loop Fastening Strap

All original BSR Racks are intended for direct mounting: vehicles without double-wall construction will require through-the-roof or through-the-sidewall mounting.

For greater security when using any of these BSR Series Racks, the purchase of a cable-locking system through your local hardware store, lock shop or weapons dealer is highly recommended.

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